Saturday and Sunday 28-29th July 2018 

Golding Barrett Aerobatic trophy Competition



Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th May 2018

'Get into Aeros'

British Aerobatic Association



14th April


Vintage Piper Aircraft Club Meeting and Combined Classic Car Meeting


Sunday 1st April

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny

Lock Lounge Cafe




26 November 2017

Cheshire and Merseyside Military Vehicle Trust Visit


Gasco Safety Evening

The title of this year’s presentation is Aware Today, Alive Tomorrow. The production addresses maintaining situational awareness, the use of threat and error management to prevent loss of control accidents, mid-air collisions and airspace infringements. All of this will be served up by the GASCo Regional Safety Officers in a non-preaching manner accompanied by the usual thought provoking facts and figures interspersed with relevant video clips. In addition to the traditional pack of information – which will contain among other things a printed copy of The Sky Way Code.


Remembrance Sunday Service


Solo Pilots Meet and Greet. An opportunity for students, newly qualified  and experienced pilots to meet and arrange to share flights, experience and costs.



Paranormal Friends revisit Sleap Airfield for a third time to continue their investigations into the paranormal activity they have detected around the WWII buildings

24/08/2017CAA's Rob Gratton will deliver this very informative presentation on airspace infringements, how to avoid them and what to do if the worst happens.
17/08/2017Sputnik 60 years on. Presentation
05/08/2017The Golding Barrett Trophy aerobatic competition takes place this weekend - watch the competition take place over Sleap Airfield.
28/07/2017The Golding Barrett Trophy aerobatic competition takes place this weekend - watch the competition take place over Sleap Airfield.
30/06/2017Bader Braves young Aviators day.
02/06/2017Anglo Irish Exchange. Sleap welcomes flyng visitors from Ireland, mostly ariving on Friday, to enjoy the delights of Shropshire for the weekend. 
22/04/2017There will be a classic car meet and weather permitting some vintage Piper aircraft flying in during the day.
16/03/2017A presentation and talk by one of the PilotAware team. PilotAware is an inexpensive portable or fixed, electronic positional awareness system that is used to help you “See” other aircraft and for you to be “Seen” by other aircraft. This can be GA aircraft, Permit aircraft, Microlights, Hangliders and  Paragliders.
04/03/2017Paranormal Friends