Visiting by Air for the First Time?

Flying in to Sleap is easy and you will find a warm welcome for all types of GA traffic, please PPR before departure by phoning our office on 01939 232882.

Sleap Radio on 122.455 is normally manned from the control tower at weekends and Bank Holidays, and from the office on weekdays, so if you are visiting during the week and do not get a response on the radio it is likely that the office staff are simply busy dealing with something else at that moment - just make your usual positional radio calls when joining, and within the circuit.

We are within RAF Shawbury MATZ and the military training helicopters from Shawbury use Sleap on weekdays frequently. Don't let this put you off - just talk to Shawbury and they will give you a MATZ crossing service. Shawbury provide fantastic LARS and are very used to visiting traffic. They will provide you with a Basic or Traffic service as required, hand you over to Sleap Radio when ready and they will usually give you the expected runway in use at Sleap. The helicopters always operate on the deadside at Sleap so will keep out of your way - don't worry, they are very used to mixing with GA traffic.

On weekdays, for a VFR MATZ transit Shawbury will normally request you to fly at a height not below 2,100ft (on the Shawbury QFE). This is their standard procedure to retain adequate separation with the lower helicopter traffic however if you are unable to comply due to cloudbase, just inform them and they will most probably be able to accommodate you at a lower height - it's just easier for them if they know everyone is above 2,100ft.

At weekends and on UK public holidays the MATZ is not normally active but please check the NOTAMS.


Pilot information


Sleap Airfield is located 10nm North of Shrewsbury and is within RAF Shawbury MATZ and AIAA. Arrivals by PPR only and inbound traffic should contact Shawbury Zone on 133.150 and obtain MATZ clearance.

Sleap uses right hand circuits for runway 36 and 05, left hand circuits for runway 18 and 23, at all times. Please use the standard overhead join at 2,000ft QFE with a circuit height of 1,000ft QFE, and follow these noise abatement procedures:


Note: Shawbury Zone is usually only active on weekdays between 09:00 and 17:00 however we still recommend giving them a call as they can be active at other times. The Shawbury ATZ itself is active 24/7 so even if you get no answer from Shawbury Zone or the MATZ is not active, please be sure to remain clear of their ATZ.

Aerobatic traffic

Sleap is home to aerobatic training that is normally conducted away from the airfield, however there can be occasional aerobatic display practice within the ATZ. Sleap A/G will usually advise if there is any known aerobatic activity but please listen out.

Airfield information

  • EGCV
10nm North of Shrewsbury,  8.6nm South of Whitchurch;    N525005 W0024613 (W1.6o)
  • Elevation 275ft
RW 05/23 asphalt, 799m x 46m.   RW 18/36 asphalt 775m x 18m.
  • Sleap Radio 122.455
SWB 116.800   303o/4.5nm;   WAL 114.100   160o/36nm;    MCT 113.550   212o/36nm