Learn to Fly with Shropshire Aero Club

Flying - obtaining your licence and becoming a pilot. Maybe it's a lifetime ambition, perhaps a desire for a new challenge or to try out a leisure activity that is truly different and can open up new horizons - literally! Whatever your reason, why not let Shropshire Aero Club put you in the pilot's seat?

We offer a variety of aircraft for flying training to suit your needs and budget - from both traditional and modern 2-seat trainers to full airways-equipped 4-seat tourers. High wing and low wing aircraft types are available for all options. Take a look at our Aircraft Fleet page for more details of our training aircraft.


Our team of CAA certified flying instructors offer the following courses:

Together with all Ground School tuition and examinations. We also have a dedicated Radio Telephony course and resident examiner which means you can complete your entire PPL course and become qualified to fly_ all at Shropshire Aero Club.

Further infomation on General Aviation and about obtaining your pilot's licence can be found here on the CAA website.


Aerobatic Training

The AOPA Basic and Standard aerobatic training is available in the popular, fully aerobatic Slingsby Firefly aircraft G-BUUK, together with aerobatic competition coaching facilities for the more advanced.



Book Your First Lesson Right Now Online

Whether you are ready to take your first step as a pilot, or give the experience to someone else as a gift, you can purchase your first lesson right here. If you prefer to call us, or drop by in person, that's OK too.

You will take the left (pilot) seat, your instructor will be in the right (co-pilot) seat.

Up to 2 family members or friends may accompany you on your trial flight, however please don't overlook the obvious - if you want to do this you will need to book a 4-seat aircraft and they will sit in the rear seats behind you - just like in a car.


Buy trial lessons online

An ideal way to take control of an aircraft for the first time. Treat yourself or buy one for your family and friends. Something a little different, suitable for everyone.

Buy a voucher securely online using the form below.

Please call 01939 232882 for any special requirements. Anyone under the age of 14 years must be at least 5ft tall.

Vouchers are valid for 6 months. Please note all trial lesson vouchers are non-refundable, however we understand they are often bought as a gift so we are very flexible with times and dates for when you want to take your flight, and they may be reschedlued at a later date if required,