Hiring Aircraft at Sleap

All of the club aircraft are available for self fly hire for suitably qualified individuals. It is a requirement that you become a member of Shropshire Aero Club before you can hire the club aircraft for your own use however this is usually a straightforward process and we have a healthy membership of both qualified pilots, those undergoing training, private owners and non-flying associate members.

Before hiring for the first time you will also need to book a check ride with one of our instructors and then keep up the currency requirements - these are fairly simple and in place for safety but we are not over-zealous - we want everyone to fly!

There are regular groups that take trips together at Sleap, and some members arrange short breaks where the club aircraft can be block booked and the flying shared - examples includer the Channel Islands or Quiberon in France that have been previous club long weekend destinations.

Private Owners

Before keeping your own aircraft at Sleap, private owners need to make an application and must also become members of Shropshire Aero Club. This applies whether you own your own hangar or are occupying a space in a private hanger owned by someone else.

You will also need to pay an annual block landing fee that currently ranges from £250 to £400 depending on the type and size of your aircraft.


As with most airfields hangarage is in high demand at Sleap however space does occassionally come up in the club operated hangars and sometimes private owners may have space so it is always best to check with the office for the latest information.

Outside Parking

Shropshire Aero Club offers outside parking for aicraft at very competitive rates.


Ask at the office reception or call 01939 232882 for more information.