Sleap Related videos. These videos are available on YouTube and are not directly associated  with Shropshire Aero Club

Sleap Airfield Recall films

Aerobatics at Sleap

Avalanche Aerobatics

ITV Home fires, filmed at Sleap

Joe Peake Channel

Plane Old Ben

Barton to Sleap, Low level corridor

Sleap to Barton, Manchester Class D transit

Blackpool to Sleap: Select Wrong Runway

Sleap to Blackpool, Low Viz VFR


Don't try this one if you value your licence!

An incredible bit of flying by David Williams in his Saab Safir in the 80's before the A41 Hinstock bypass was open. Photo by Glen James

A poem written by David Somerville who flies a C-150 Aerobat 

A mile above a mile below
When high above the ground 
In solo flight when flying high
more solitude is found
With wings spread wide 
When clouds are few
A king of all I see
The glory of the earth below 
In all its majesty
No fear I feel to be alone
In that solitude on high
But a privileged one of just a few
Whose playground is the sky

and for Christmas....

A Christmas wish to all that fly
For soft breezy days in a cloudless sky
To share the feeling of being up high
With those who do not know the thrill

Come fly with me if you’d like to try
For an hour and see the world go by
For I’m sure you’ll then feel the same as I
As it did my ambition fill

But for those for whom flying does not appeal
And the thought of soaring on high surreal 
With an understanding of the way you feel 
Goes my 
best wishes to all of you still

Report from SAC member 06 Nov 2017

"Two Friends and I have hired two Cessna 172s in Florida for a ten day trip and had the unique experience of being allowed to overfly the Kennedy Space Centre runway, in formation, at 100ft agl. Flying north to south gives a fantastic view of NASA rocket assembly buildings and there is a shuttle display half way along the runway. There is currently no public access to this part of the Space Centre but Orlando Approach were contacted for permission. After a tense 3 minute wait, permission was granted with strict conditions... no touching the runway and no further east than the centre line. "


All three pilots hold FAA (US) Certificates which are granted to foreign pilots holding EASA PPL   
Flying in New Zealand.  Report from member April 2017.  You can get your EASA PPL validated for New Zealand and enjoy some of the most spectacular flying in the world   


No centreline on this runway

 Sometimes you share the runway


A few hours can get you a mountain flying certificate

But you mustn't be "terrain shy"


Milford Sound is a difficult and busy approach

Steep turns are essential when whale watching from the air


This must be one of the best views from the tower of any airfield

Farm Strips can be a challenge. Low pass to clear the sheep.

In New Zealand IFR stands for "I Follow Rivers"