Congratulations Dominic Cook

First Solo

17th January 2019

Congratulations Andrew Lee

First Solo

January 9th 2019


Congratulations Patrick Hey on 

First Solo

5th January 2019

Congratulations John Crackett for passing the 1000 hours milestone. Celebration cake was involved. Onwards and Upwards!

The smile says it all, First solo for

Liz Taylor

December 14 2018


Well done, Greg Darlymple-White

passing skills test

17 October 2018

Gregor Barker 

30th August

Congratulations on your first Solo

Showing the youngsters how it's done!

This is an achievement we want to share: Tom Sellers, (father of club member Gavin Sellers, head of the IER team), went solo last Friday at Beverley airfield on 10th August, at the age of 83 in his skyranger. A big well done to Tom!

Congratulations Tom Martin

First solo on his 16th birthday

4th August 2018

Happy Birthday!

Congratulations Jonathan Quin

First Solo

1st August 2018

Congratulations Tom Cambridge

Passed Part FCL skills test

20th July

Congratulations Luke Nelson on passing

IR(R) rating

on June 5th 2018. 

Tremendous progress having passed his skills test 

to get his PPL earlier this year


Congratulations Gordon Gibson for

First Solo in his Autogyro

3rd June 2018

Congratulations Robin Price

First Solo

May 23rd 2018

First Solo for Stephen Dean on May 15th. Well done. First of many.

Congratulations Sam Geary on passing your part-FCL skills test

May 5th

Kat Busby-Hicks first Solo

March 26th, 2018


Congratulations to Paul Knowles who flew solo after a break of ten years. So good you had to do it twice!

Congratulations to Anthony Walker on flying his first solo today

January 11th 2018

Congratulations to James McDowell on successfully completing his Part-FCL skills test on 24th November. Well done James!

 Congratulations to Roman Slivinski, who passed his IR(R) test on Sunday 19th November

Sixteen year old Luke completed his qualifying cross country on November 8th. Only the little matter of the skills test to go before he can achieve his ambition of getting his PPL on his 17th birthday. It seems to be becoming a tradition at Sleap. Well done Luke.

Bruce soloed on his sixteenth birthday in 2016 then.........................

Passed his PPL skills test on his seventeenth birthday

Luke soloed on his sixteenth birthday in January 2017.......................

And then passed his Part FCL skills test ten months later! (Hoping to have his license issued on his 17th birthday). Well done Luke!

  Arron completed his first solo on October 6th 2017. Well done, Arron.
 Graham has passed the Part-FCL skills test, 19th September2017. Congratulations, Graham. 
  Giles has passed the Part-FCL skills test, 25th August 2017. Congratulations, Giles.