A wide range of aircraft reside at Sleap or fly in for a visit. Many of the images below are by kind permission of members of the Shropshire Aviation Society and must not be copied or used without the owner's consent.

  Member Nick Stokes remembers this Bristol Blenheim G-BPIV calling in from the 2000 Cosford airshow. Pictured here wearing 1940 era camouflage and 82 Squadron markings as R3821/UX-N which replaced it's previous scheme as L8841/QY-C.  Originally part of the Canadian air force and flying daylight bombing raids (Churchill called them the Light Brigade) it flew a long and distinguished career as the only example still flying, before crash landing at Duxford in 2003. A lengthy restoration has seen it re-emerge in 2014 as L 6739 and is back in the air as part of the Flying Legends at Imperial War Museum, Duxford.

October 2017

 Robin DR400/M. Harris

 Mudry CAP 10B/M. Harris

 Avro Anson C21/M. Harris

 Avro Anson C21/M.Harris

 CH 601 Zodiac/M. Harris



Bede BD4/Mark Harris


Pitts S 2C/Mark Harris


Eurocopter EC135/M. Harris


Just Superstol/M.Harris


Jungmeister/ M. Harris


JodelDR221/M. Harris


Summer 2017; member Joe Rusco captured Supermarine Spitfire MarkXI PL965 photo reconnaissance aircraft.  The PRU blue painted Spitfires operated at low and high altitudes, always flying alone.  PL965 flew over 40 operational missions over Germany, France and Holland where she encountered anti-aircraft fire and was often intercepted and attacked by German fighters, including the new jet powered ME 262, one of the few aircraft that had the speed to catch her.

Now part of the Hangar 11 collection she is a regular visitor at air shows in the UK, Europe and USA

 Looking slighly self-conscious in the pink paintwork that was used for camouflage against low clouds