Congratulations to Anthony Walker on flying his first solo today

January 11th 2018

Congratulations to James McDowell on successfully completing his Part-FCL skills teston 24th November. Well done James!

 Congratulations to Roman Slivinski, who passed his IR(R) test on Sunday 19th November

Sixteen year old Luke completed his qualifying cross country on November 8th. Only the little matter of the skills test to go before he can achieve his ambition of getting his PPL on his 17th birthday. It seems to be becoming a tradition at Sleap. Well done Luke.

Bruce soloed on his sixteenth birthday in 2016 then.........................

Passed his PPL skills test on his seventeenth birthday

Luke soloed on his sixteenth birthday in January 2017.......................

And then passed his Part FCL skills test ten months later! (Hoping to have his license issued on his 17th birthday). Well done Luke!

  Arron completed his first solo on October 6th 2017. Well done, Arron.
 Graham has passed the Part-FCL skills test, 19th September2017. Congratulations, Graham. 
  Giles has passed the Part-FCL skills test, 25th August 2017. Congratulations, Giles.